The Shopping War on Christmas is on! With one week left until Christmas, parents are preparing their shopping list for their children.

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 1. Funskool: Funskool Rubik Cube 3X3


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2. Tablet For Kids: My Pad English Learner Tablet For Kids


Tablet For Kids

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3. Three 6 English Learner Laptop for Kids

 English Learner Laptop for Kids

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4. Radio-controlled Helicopter


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5. Archies Star Monkey – 20 cm


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Is there any kid in the world who doesn’t like to play???Games are the special attractions for kids. Children are mainly governed by the parents and they do often follow what their parents say. So parents play a big role in the growing up phase of a kid. Thus choosing of games is a very important thing. Playing games is good way of spending idle time but one has to keep in also this in mind that the child have to be benefitted from that game there must be some way or other which would help the kids in improving their skills in any such way as their mental strength, thinking power and knowledge skills. Various kids’ games are available on online sites such as and there are various coupons that are available in online which offers discounts some of those coupons are cashkaro flipkart coupons and cashkaro babyoye coupons.

Kids always like playing games and if by doing so they get to learn something it’s an added advantage for them. Some of the popular games played by kids are:


It’s a very interesting game that is liked by most of the kids, these games is actually a puzzle where the kids need to move the Pac man through the mazes and avoid being caught by ghosts. It actually increases the kid’s response to reacting to each and every critical situation

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is one of the most played and is among the mainly popular games that kids participate in. They have a great fun in playing this is favorite of all time. One has to find others in this game and gives them immense fun and pleasure when they are able to do so. They need to be thoughtful to play this game this game eventually sharpens their thought process helping in their development of minds.

Tic tac toe board games

Tic tac toe is a very traditional game which makes kid’s very innovative in their thinking and add a competitiveness to their nature making them feel the desire to out thought others in the process of playing this game.

Apart from these there are plenty of games that kids like and enjoy playing, there are plenty of board games nowadays which are designed in such a way that would help a kid to develop in desired direction many such games can be bought by using cashkaro flipkart coupons and cashkaro babyoye coupons. Seeing kids enjoying their moments is the best possible way to be happy and their smile is so important for us.

New moms require a healthy balanced diet to support the baby’s nutrition and so special care should be taken at this particular time. The time table should be properly maintained and time to time foods should be taken to avoid starvation which will reduce your energy quota. A breast feeding lady should take certain amount of supplements in their food which will build up her child’s body properly. Foods that are good for health can be bought from shopping portals using cashkaro flipkart discount coupon or cashkaro babyoye discount coupons to avail them at a discounted rate and the trusted source factor is also associated with it.

A lot of calcium, vitamins and minerals are a must in this stage. Lots of water should be taken to maintain the proper body balance. If the chart is maintained properly the baby will be a healthy one for sure and your body can also get sufficient energy that is an essential thing for the baby’s maintenance. Some foods that are very essential containing a rich amount of ions and minerals includes

Blackstrap molasses: It is quite similar to honey and is easy to get. Taking 1 tablespoon of blackstrap contains 20% of calcium which provides energy to the body.  It is also a good source of iron thus providing free radicals of oxygen to your body. Mixing 1 tea spoon of molasses with one glass of warm water and take it in the morning.

Collard greens: Green leafy vegetables are always good for health and add to a great source of calcium. Collards, in any forms contain 357 milligrams of calcium. This gives an amazing taste to your tongue when cooked using a little sauce.

Figs: Taking figs in the morning again levels up the calcium value. This sweet snack is a good source and 4 figs contain 124 milligrams of calcium. The sweet taste can be a bit suppressed using almonds which are again a good food for better health.

Soybeans (organic): Soybeans are a rich source of protein. The organic soybeans have great calcium content and one boiled cup contains 261 milligrams of calcium. You can stir fry them or add to any food item to get the energy.

Turnip Greens: Having 249 milligrams of calcium when taken frozen or boiled one cup per day, these delightful greens adds a texture to your food.

So food is the most necessary thing that should be taken care of. Taking them in proper balance will avoid new moms avoid problems related to health.

During pregnancy it is important that you eat the proper balanced foods and seek advice from your doctor time to time. At this crucial period, a good intake of fruits, vegetables, meat and dietary supplements is important to take, to give birth to a healthy child. It should be the prime concern to do everything for your baby without affecting your own health. So eating is an important part during this period as it is said that you are accommodating foods for the two in your stomach. The healthier your food intake, stronger will be your baby’s immunity. Cashkaro firstcry coupon codes or cashkaro babyoye coupon can be used to opt for certain materials required during pregnancy at a discounted rate.

During pregnancy, you will need lots of proteins and vitamins along with calcium and other mineral ions. Some of the foods which give the best nutrition are whole grains that should be included daily in your diet charts. This grain provides folic acid, iron and fibers to your body thus giving free radicals of oxygen to your body, building more iron content. Beans of different types gives proper nourishment to the body providing protein and fiber, and are also good sources of key nutrients, such as iron, foliate, calcium, and zinc.

Salmon intake is good at this time which contains omega 3 fatty acids, which is helpful for the baby’s brain and eye development. It contains comparatively low mercury level as compared to the other sea foods providing proteins and Vitamin B. 12 ounces of low mercury fish per week adds a very good nutrition value to the diet. Besides, a rich source of Vitamin C should be taken to equalize the diet chart.

Eggs are a good source of protein which acts as the main source of nutrition for the baby. Eggs contain various vitamins and minerals including chorine which is very good for baby’s brain development. Taking an egg daily should be a part of the process during pregnancy. But be sure to cook it properly before eating.

Berries are a great source of potassium and vitamin c and hence they act as an important item to be included in the diet chart. Avoid taking high calorie food to avoid excess deposition of cholesterol or a rise in the blood pressure. Low calorie yoghurt contains more calcium than milk and helps in proper digestion and development of the gastric mucosa. Remember a healthy and proper environment with a supporting diet is the only thing that should be kept in mind when someone is pregnant.

The thought of giving birth terrorizes some when they think of an OT or the labor pain associated with it. But a little preparation, positive approach and a strong will finally results in a successful delivery. The pregnancy period should be free of tensions and enjoyment all around and quality time spent with your loved ones. And when the new born faces this world on its own, the feeling is something extraordinary, unexpressed. But to ensure a proper and healthy delivery, some measures should be taken before hand. This journey is for the new beginning and certain changes including your tastes and skin changes from time to time. The firstcry coupons 2013 or hoopos discount coupons can be used to buy various products related to it at a very less price.

To get a successful delivery, consult a doctor on the first basis. Someone who has lot of experience, to handle your complications if there is any. A team of doctors performing your operations will confidently and successfully do this.

A perfect location for carrying out the operation is very much important. Various equipments and an emergency room should be nearby so that you can be shifted there if any problem arises. A hospital in this aspect is the best choice.

Consult freely to your doctor what type of birth you want and doctor will suggest you a more effective way if there is any problem in your choice. These preferences will relief you from the impact of rise in systolic.

Contact a doula and know prior hand all the things associated to the child birth including anesthesia dosage, cesarean or normal delivery.

Knowing the different and correct labor positioning comparatively pains less as the correct way will help the baby come in line with the cervix thus facilitating easy output.

A birth ball is again an effective measure that can be taken in the labor room. This ball can be used even in the shower and in any position.

A childbirth class is the best way to relieve your tensions. This class tells about the labor pain and techniques to control them and also gives you the idea about various delivery patterns.

Reading books or gathering experiences from those who already became mother is another way to relief yourself.

Remain in touch of supportive people and gather the courage you get from them.

Learn about the various pain relief mechanisms from different sources and apply them when needed.

Enjoy the motherhood and the different experience. Be patient and strong and don’t allow this fear to get on to your nerves.

Nine months can be the most essential time in your life and you always need to eat the best and hygienic food during this period. As pregnancy affects the immune system, a proper diet containing all the foods with nutrition should be taken to fetch a better health for you and your baby. The foods to be avoided come with a great risk of contamination and taking these foods will risk your life. Certain items that have the risk of food poisoning should be avoided. Anyway, all the healthy food can be opted for a lesser price by using firstcry discount vouchers or babyoye coupons. Click here to see more babyoye discount coupons and cashback offers.

Seafood helps a lot in building our protein blocks and in fact good for health. The omega 3 fatty acid can help in brain development. But some of the sea fishes contain high level of mercury which is harmful for the foetus. The mercury level can damage your baby’s nervous system. So to keep yourself and your baby safe, avoid taking these foods. Eating 340gm of sea food will be good for you but don’t cross the limit of intake.

Never take raw, undercooked foods. Certain bacteria remain resilient and only get killed at higher boiling points. So more you boil your food, healthier it is. The undercooked foods multiply the intestinal worms which attacks the baby’s cells, thus making a risk to its life. The water of the local area should be checked in terms of pollution if any to avoid the intake of affected fish. If you are taking the sea foods make sure to cook it at 145 F to ensure safety.

Avoid taking undercooked meats, poultry or eggs. Like human body, micro organisms grow in billions inside goat, cow or chicken. These micro organisms never get killed until they are exposed to very high temperatures. A properly cooked meat never contains any germs. So to eat the meat or egg boil it properly first before eating. These foods are very much essential for proper nutrition but taking the undercooked ones will lead you to the opposite effects.

Milk if taken should be boiled properly. Unpasteurized milk, brie, feta, camembert, blue cheese and mexican-style cheeses contain high level of yeast cells thus causing harm to your body. Besides food containing mono sodium glutamate (MSG) which is found in many of the junkies and fried food should be avoided as this cause low density of calcium in the body. Take a balanced rich dietary and give birth in a comfortable way without facing least bit of complicacies.

Family is one of the best things in the world that God have gifted us with. Most of us are very busy with our daily schedule these days and hardly any of us get to spend quality time with our family. Making our family happy and joyful is as much as important as it is to earn and do our work. Most of the parents manage to keep their children happy by various fun activities, but when the question of the entire family arises, there is a dearth of good ideas. This article is dedicated to provide you with these ideas of how to keep a family pleased and ecstatic. There are plenty of games and puzzles available on online sites which would help us have a great family time. Flipkart.con and are two websites to watch out for. Additionally you should also look out for Flipkart coupons and firstcry coupons @ to enable you to buy products at discounted rates. Some of the funniest things that you can do with your family are:

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle
These kinds of board games help family to get bind in a stronger way and also enabling children to sharpen their knowledge and skills. These games can be played in a different way such as making two teams and also to make it more interesting declaring one as the winner. These board games do not have any particular age groups as each and everyone gets involved in these.

Cooking various dishes by various family members would allow everyone to enjoy their day allowing them to change their tastes often. This can be done with the help of various cooking books available in the online sites and buying them by using coupons such as flipkart coupons. Foods are liked by all and to lure the children into different delicacies there are also special books available, especially if one is looking for some fantastic dishes for babies, one can get it from firstcry and also use the firstcry coupons.

Story telling/Sharing thoughts
Story telling or sharing one’s experience of life or memorable incidents helps a family to know much more about their lives. This activity of storytelling is an attraction for children as they get hooked onto this. This would strengthen the family bond and make everybody aware of their daily activities in life.

This is the best ever idea of spending time with family by arranging a small get-together outside home. This makes everyone happy in the family as they get distracted from daily life and get something new to do. Everybody actively participate in this and indulge themselves in outdoor activities and have fun along with the family.

Play a Board Game

This a good ploy to get everyone excited by asking them to play board games there are plenty of board games available in the market such as Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue .This would involve each and everybody in the family allowing them to have fun.

Family is a precious gift from God, so cherish every moment.

Just having a baby is not all. It is the beginning of a new and much more difficult task – the task of raising a child. In order to raise your child properly, it is essential that you first bond with your child. Bonding is not just taking care of the needs and demands of the child. It is much more than that. A child needs a lot more than what money can buy – identify these needs. There are some simple steps by which you can best bond with your baby.

  1. The process of bonding starts from as early as when you are pregnant. You need to focus on all the minor movements your baby makes; you should talk to her even when she’s in the womb. These make the mother-baby bond a strong one and also ease the stress of the labour.
  2. After her arrival in the world, remember that she is going to be your best friend forever. You should spend as much time as possible with her and take care of all her small needs. Even if you do not understand at times that what she needs and why she is crying, you should pick her up in your lap and talk to her.
  3. You should pay close attention to the development of your child. Noting down the minor developments she is making and keeping pictures of all her progress over the years in a baby book is a great way to bond more with your baby. That baby book is going to be a great reminder of these moments.
  4. Breastfeed your baby as much as possible. Nothing is more nutritious that mother’s milk.
  5. Talk to her as much as possible. Read to her even though she might not understand. It will not only strengthen the bond but will also help her learn a lot more. Continue this even when she grows up.
  6. As your baby grows up, try to give her as much attention to her needs as possible. Try spending more time with her and taking her out on special dates.
  7. Get her dad involved in the process. Both of you are her parents and she needs both of you in her life.
  8. Talk to her freely and try becoming her best and most trustworthy friends. Do not always scold her; make her understand in her own way, just as you would have liked to be told about your mistakes when you were a child.
  9. Get loads of pictures and create lots of memories with her together as she grows up.
  10. Do something fun and crafty with her. Ask her every day how well her day was and what all her problems were. Hug her.

Today we all are busy with our regular fixed schedule. If we really analyse our daily schedule we will find that we do not have any time to look ourselves. We are just running from one corner to another each moment. If we see we will get to know that most of us are physically unfit as we do not take care properly to our body. We are just very casual about our body fitness. But we forget to take care of our physique is the most important job for us. But we do not have enough time to take good care of our physique. If you do not know how to take care of yourself can easily get a proper idea from various types of yoga DVDs. You will get these DVDs from online shopping sites like and Babyoye. Most of the time they offer various cashkaro coupons like flipkart coupon and babyoye coupon. By using these coupons one can get discounts on these DVDs.

Exercise and Physical Fitness

Exercise and Physical Fitness

If you really thinking to take care about your health start from today. First you should change your food habit. Try to reject all types of fatty foods, fast foods you have been eaten till today. Consult with a nutritionist who will help you to understand about the types of your health. What should you take or what should you do not. They will understand it properly as they are professional. Try to follow all rules they have fixed for you. If you are following these rules you will gain a good health.

Always try to be less stress. As this is the basic problem in today’s world. We all are very much busy with our jobs and also very much stressed with our job. And this is the basic problem for a bad health.

After following above two tips you should follow the regularity of your exercise. Exercise will help you to get a good health which is really needed today.

As the work pressure is growing day by day bad habits are also growing. The two worst habits which are increasing day by day is Smoking and Drinking. Irrespective of man and woman these two habits are growing rapidly. If you really want disease free and a good health must discontinue these habits or rather you will be the most unfit person ever.

To know more about good health and tips please search on the internet. I am sure you will get a lot of valuable tips for your good health.

We all love to get pleasant surprises. And when the surprise is from someone special, it gets a special meaning attached to it. Similarly, giving a pleasant surprise to someone close is also a great feeling. The smile and the beautiful expression that lights up the face of that person are worth millions of dollars.

A surprise can be of many types, it can be a surprise party, or a surprise visit, or a great surprise gift. You can always arrange a surprise party to celebrate special occasions like birthday or some other major event in the life of your loved one. Also you may pay a sudden visit to the person when he / she is least expecting it. All these small gestures make a large difference in the daily life; it creates a bond and a special feeling. Today, when the life is practically a rat race, there are few times to enjoy. And surprises are mostly in the form of sudden news which generally isn’t a really pleasant one. so planning a special surprise to bring the smile on the face of anyone is a great gift in itself.

While speaking of surprises, one of the most popular ways is to give a surprise gift to the other person and other ways to send gift online. The gift can be on some occasion or without any such occasion. The basis essence is to give it at a time when the person is least expecting it. A surprise gift always brings a beautiful smile on the face of the person receiving it, and more so if the gift is something that he/ she really wanted for a long time. If you are planning on getting a luxury gift item, here are some great ideas you can check out.

  • Dresses are always great, be it for men or women. Dress from some well known designer or brand can be a great gift.
  • One might have a fantasy for some special item like bags or mobiles or guitars or video games or cameras. If budget permits, get one and give as a gift. Surely someone won’t be expecting it.
  • A limited edition collection of books, or perfumes, or anything such can also be a grand gift.

The best way to get these gifts is to shop online. It provides easy access to a wide array of products. You can also use the service of snapdeal and flipkart in the process, and if you are not near the person the gift is meant for, you may send it gift wrapped through The snapdeal coupons and flipkart coupons for gifts will take care of the expenses.

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